ENKO Grant

Send an application and receive money
for the development of creativity 

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Our goal and tasks

The main goal of the ENKO Grant is to help
Ukrainian artists and to provide financial
opportunities for development of creativity.

400,000 UAH in total
50,000 UAH for each participant 
25,000 UAH for advertising services
25,000 UAH for development
8 months and 8 participants 
2 stages of selection

number of opportunities


The total amount of the grant is 400,000 UAH.

Within 8 months, the label will select one artist every month and provide him with 50,000 UAH. 25,000 UAH are dedicated exclusively to advertising services, the other 25,000 UAH in cash - for the development of creativity.

How do we
select grantees?

Every month, applications and tracks go through two stages of selection. During this period each track is listened to by the label team and ENKO producer Vanyok Klymenko personally.
After this, we contact the artist and start work.

Every month there is
a new participant in the grant.

How to get a grant

The conditions for getting a grant are simple.
If you are a Ukrainian musician
and create cool music:

Followthe ENKO page
on Instagram. 
Follow the link to the post.
Like and tag a friend who
is also interested in taking part. 
post here

Fill out the participant's application. It contains:

your first and last name
artistic pseudonym
phone number and nickname in Telegram
a link to your Instagram page
a link to Google Drive with a demo or ready-made track of 10 seconds or longer. The song must be new, i.e. not published on streams
link to Google Drive with your photos as an artist
Follow the news on the ENKO page and wait for the manager's call
Get a grant

The eighth ROUND
of selection ready set go

We started accepting
applications - don't miss your chance.


eighth ROUND of grand

October 17, 2023 — the start of the application period.
november 19, 2023 is the last day of application period.
november 27, 2023 - announcement of the artist who will receive this month's grant. 
This page on the website will be updated depending on the timing of the selection stages.

The second stage of the grant:

April 11, 2023 — the start of the application period.
April 30, 2023 is the last day of application period.
May 5, 2023 - announcement of the artist who will receive the grant of the second stage.

asked questions

What do 25,000 UAH of advertising services mean?
We'll spend 25,000 UAH to provide you with advertising services to promote your release. We'll share resources and experiences that we use ourselves. And also together we'll choose the direction of promotion, which will work for you.
Are there any special requirements for artists who want to participate?
Yes, two main requirements. The first — you must be a Ukrainian artist with a great desire to develop and create. The second is that the musical material you send us must be new, not published anywhere before. The song should be one, it's important!
Can I apply for a grant next month if I am not selected as a winner this month?
Yes of course! To do this, you need to submit a new demo/song (or a modified previous version). We'll have 8 winners in total. 
If I win, will I automatically become an ENKO label artist?
No, the grant is made to support young talented artists. If you are interested in cooperation with the label distribution, write to the email: distribution@enkomusic.com 
Will there be any obligations, what exactly should I spend 25,000 UAH on?
The 25,000 UAH you receive in cash must be spent on any activity related to your creativity. 
If I win, what
happens next?
You'll be contacted by the manager of the ENKO label, who will explain to you how you can get the money and how the promotion of the track will proceed by means of advertising services. Don't worry - our manager will accompany you in all processes.

Get 50,000 UAH for the development of creativity
and distribution
of your music.

Please fill out the application.