KALUSH Orchestra
Two years after the formation of the band "Kalush", the project "Kalush Orchestra" began to co-exist.
On December 6, 2021, the band's first song, Shtomber Womber, was released. Kalush Orchestra differs from Kalush in Ukrainian authenticity in music and appearance.
Multi-instrumentalists Tymofiy Muzychuk and Vitaliy Duzhyk joined Oleg Psiuk (vocals, lyrics) and Kilimmen (DJ) as participants of the KALUSH Orchestra. Igor Didenchuk played in KALUSH from the very beginning, and now he is focusing on the orchestra.
In a short time of existence, the band won the national selection for Eurovision 2022 and represented Ukraine in the song contest.It is important to add: Ukraine has been at war since February 24, due to the Russian attack. But, this did not prevent the label's team from preparing the performance to present their Homeland with dignity during the war.
May 14, 2022 entered the history of Ukraine thanks to the Kalush Orchestra. The band won the Eurovision 2022, representing Ukraine with the song "Stefania", and received recording 631 points in the history of Eurovision.
"Stefania" is more than just a Eurovision track. The song became a real folk hit; the music video for the song, which came out immediately after the band's victory, gained almost 25 million views on YouTube in less than four weeks.
After the victory, the team raffled the Eurovision Cup for $ 900,000. The raffle took part in a way of auction, where, in addition to the glass microphone, Kalush Orchestra raffled Oleg Psiuk's pink panama. A total of 11,000,000 hryvnias was collected for Panama. All collected money was transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The song went viral on TikTok, and more than 280,000 videos have been made with its music. It is often used in videos telling the world about the war in Ukraine.