Skofka is a real rap breakthrough of 2021.
His songs hit the trends of Ukrainian Youtube and got over 10 million views.
On October 17, 2021, Skofka officially joined ENKO
on November 12, he presented his first track on the label - "Ne byi sobaku" ( "Do not beat the dog"), which raises the question of the relationship between people and "our younger brothers".
The rapper himself writes the lyrics, arranges them, composes tracks and sometimes even produces video clips on his own.
The main thing for him is to create quality music and prove that Ukrainian rap can sound cool.The music drew Skofka to its net back in 2007: then 13-year-old Volodymyr Samolyuk (the artist’s real name) together with his friend found a CD with songs by Ukrainian rappers.
Convinced that rap in Ukrainian language could sound cool, the future artist began writing his first tracks. So music became Skofka's faithful companion, he's been always creating rap music for himself, while studying at the institute and working.
In 2020, the musician began to take rap seriously: he bought the necessary recording equipment and started posting his tracks on the Youtube channel.
The first track "Balalaika" was presented on February 2, 2020. And the song that has brought Skofka real recognition is "Get' za zabor" ("Get behind the fence").

it successfully got to Tiktok, added thousands of fans to the rapper and drew the artist's attention to the Enko team and the Kalush band. Together with whom Skofka later released a joint mini-album "Yo-Yo" and several singles.
Interesting facts about Skofka:
Already at the start of his career he received recognition from the Ukrainian Music Awards: a joint track with Kalush - "Dodomu" ("Home") was nominated for "Collaboration of the Year" from Awards 2021.
He believes in magic of numbers. That is why the first step of the rapper's serious musical career took place on February 2, 2020.
An indicator of a good track for a musician is getting goosebumps. If there are some, then everything is fine!
In his younger years, Skofka was involved in parkour and knew how to do various acrobatic tricks.
Once a musician loved to take part in online battles.
The rapper does not like excessive attention, preferring friends and a quiet environment.
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